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Physician Lawsuits Decline, But Costs on the Rise

Key clinical point: Lawsuites against physicains declined across virtually all specialites by more than a quarter over a 10-year period, but the cost to manage legal challenges increased during the period.

Major finding: From 2007 to 2016, the rate of claims dropped by 27% per 100 doctors from 5.1 to 3.7. Claims decreased by a combined 29% for cardiologists, dermatologists, endocrinologists, family physicians, gastroenterologists, hematologists/oncologists, hospitalists, infectious disease specialists, internists, nephrologists, neurologists, pulmonologists, and rheumatologists/immunologists.

Study details: A review of 134,000 cases by CRICO Strategies, a division of CRICO, the medical liability insurance provider for the Harvard medical community.


Medical Malpractice in America. Analyzing 124,000 case-related events. CRICO Strategies 2018.