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MRI Predicts ALK Status of NSCLC Via Brain Lesions

Key clinical point: Radiogenomic MRI signatures may be able to identify anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK)–positive brain metastases in non–small cell lung cancer, offering a minimally invasive option that could allow for initiation of treatment while waiting for molecular results.

Major finding: ALK-positive lesions more often exhibited a fuzzy and infiltrative T2w border with hypointense peripheral solid rim, compared with ALK-negative lesions, which more often had a well-defined T2w border with no solid rim (P less than .001).

Study details: A retrospective, observational study involving 75 patients with non–small cell lung cancer.

Disclosures: The investigators reported no external study funding and reported no conflicts of interest.


Wadhwa S et al. ELCC 2019, Abstract 55O.