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Incidence, prognosis of second lung cancers support long-term surveillance

Key clinical point: The similar prognosis of second lung cancers supports long-term surveillance after definitive resection of a first lung cancer.

Major finding: In matched analysis, surgically resected first and second early-stage primary lung cancers had statistically indistinguishable overall survival (P = .3972) and lung cancer–specific survival (P = .1276).

Study details: A population-based cohort study using SEER data for 58,758 patients with a surgically resected first primary lung cancer and 384 patients with a surgically resected second primary lung cancer.

Disclosures: Dr. Varlotto disclosed that he had no conflicts of interest. The study was funded by the Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Mas-sachusetts. Dr. Antonoff disclosed that she had no relevant conflicts of interest.


Varlotto JM et al. Lung Cancer. 2020;147:115-122.