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Palbociclib plus letrozole improves PFS in advanced endometrial cancer

Key clinical point: In patients with advanced or recurrent estrogen receptor–positive endometrial cancer, progression-free survival was significantly longer with palbociclib plus letrozole versus placebo plus letrozole.

Major finding: The median progression-free survival was 3.0 months in the placebo-letrozole arm and 8.3 months in the palbociclib-letrozole arm (hazard ratio, 0.56; 95% confidence interval, 0.32-0.98; P = .0376).

Study details: A phase 2 trial of 77 patients with estrogen receptor-positive advanced/recurrent endometrial cancer.

Disclosures: The study was sponsored by investigators, but Pfizer provided a grant. Dr. Mirza disclosed relationships with Pfizer and many other companies.


Mirza MR et al. ESMO 2020, Abstract LBA28.