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Lymphopenia linked to worse response in RCC, bladder cancer patients on checkpoint inhibitors

Key clinical point: Pretreatment absolute lymphocyte count (pALC) and neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio (pNLR) were associated with response to checkpoint inhibitors in patients with kidney or bladder cancer treated in a real-world setting.

Major finding: The response rate was 75% in patients with pALC greater than 1,000 and 25% in patients with pALC less than 1,000 (P = .027). The response rate was 80% in patients with pNLR less than 3 and 30% in patients with pNLR greater than 3 (P = .024).

Study details: A retrospective study of 20 patients, 13 with renal cell carcinoma and 7 with bladder-urothelial cancers.

Disclosures: There was no sponsor for this study, and Dr. Bah reported having no disclosures.


Bah T et al. ASCO-SITC 2020. Abstract 31.