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Sociodemographic disadvantage confers poorer survival in young adults with CRC

Key clinical point: Residential area income and education were associated with mortality among young adults with colorectal cancer.

Major finding: Adjusted risk of death was higher for patients from low-income, low-education areas versus high-income, high-education areas (hazard ratio, 1.24; P = .004) and in patients from urban or rural versus metropolitan areas (hazard ratio, 1.10; P = .02).

Study details: A retrospective cohort study of 26,768 patients aged 40 years or younger with colorectal cancer from the National Cancer Database.

Disclosures: Dr. Matusz-Fisher did not report any conflicts of interest. The study did not receive any funding.


Matusz-Fisher A et al. 2020 GI Cancers Symposium, Abstract 13.