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Sarcopenia is a predictor of overall survival in DLBCL patients

Key clinical point: Sarcopenia is a predictor of OS in DLBCL patients who underwent chemotherapy.

Major finding: In DLBCL, sarcopenia was associated with lower OS, multiple regression: HR = 2.39, P < .00001).

Study details: Metaanalysis of 7 studies comprising 1,578 patients.

Disclosures: The authors reported that they had no conflicts of interest.


“Drs. Surov and Wienke performed a metaanalysis including 4 studies with a total of 573 patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) in order to determine the impact of low skeletal muscle mass, or sarcopenia, on outcome. The majority of studies were retrospective investigations of patients treated with rituximab-based chemotherapy. The presence of sarcopenia was determined using CT scan muscle measurement at the level of L3. Sarcopenia was associated with inferior overall survival in patients with DLBCL. While the studies were heterogeneous with regard to study design and treatment administered, the data is of interest and could be used to support an interventional trial aimed at increasing skeletal muscle mass in DLBCL patients as they undergo therapy.”

Sarah Rutherford, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine


Surov A et al. Clinical Nutrition. 2020;