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Greater CVD Risk in Postmenopausal Breast Cancer Survivors

Key clinical point: Postmenopausal women with breast cancer had a greater risk for heart disease than did postmenopausal women without breast cancer.

Major finding: Average HSP60 levels for the breast cancer and control groups were 35 ng/mL and 10.8 ng/mL, respectively; average HSP70 levels were 0.5 ng/mL and 1.3 ng/mL, respectively.

Study details: The data come from a cross-sectional study of 96 postmenopausal breast cancer survivors and 192 postmenopausal women without cancer.

Disclosures: The researchers had no financial conflicts to disclose.


Buttros DAB et al. Menopause. 2019. doi: 10.1097/GME.0000000000001348.