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Adding a blood test to standard screening may improve early cancer detection

Key clinical point: The DETECT-A blood test may improve upon standard-of-care screening for early cancer detection.

Major finding: Twelve cancers in three organs (breast, lung, and colon) were first detected by the blood test rather than by standard screening, which increased the sensitivity of cancer detection from 47% with standard screening alone to 71% with standard screening plus DETECT-A.

Study details: A prospective exploratory study of 10,006 women with no history of cancer.

Disclosures: Dr. Papadopoulos disclosed relationships with Thrive Earlier Detection Inc., PGDx Inc., Neophore, Cage Pharma, and other companies. This research was supported by various foundations, private citizens, and awards and grants to individual investigators.


Papadopoulos N et al. AACR 2020, Abstract CT022.