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Platelet Function in ITP Assessed Over Time

Thromb Haemost; 2018 Jan; Frelinger, Grace, et al

Platelet function in immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) remained consistent over time, and was linked with bleeding severity, according to a recent cross-sectional study. Investigators looked at bleeding score and platelet biomarkers during 2 visits that occurred a median of 10 months apart in children with ITP. Among the results:

  • Platelet phenotype consistency was seen during both visits.
  • Platelet biomarkers during each visit were significantly linked with the concurrent bleeding score.
  • Increased P-selectin on circulating platelets during visit 1 was significantly linked with bleeding scores at the subsequent visit, even after adjusting for platelet count.
  • The same was true for reduced agonist-stimulated P-selectin and activated GPIIb-IIIa-positive platelets.

The authors noted that their findings suggest a link between desensitization of agonist receptors and increased bleeding severity.


Frelinger A, Grace R, Gerrits A, Carmichael S, Forde E, Michelson A. Platelet function in ITP, independent of platelet count, is consistent over time and is associated with both current and subsequent bleeding severity. Thromb Haemost. 2018;118(1):143-151. doi:10.1160/TH17-06-0387.