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Evidence builds for bariatric surgery’s role in cancer prevention

Key clinical point: Obese patients who lost at least 20% of their body mass seemed to receive the greatest cancer protection.

Major finding: Patients who lost 20%-34% of their body mass after bariatric surgery had 51% fewer cancers, compared with those with less weight loss.

Study details: LABS-2, an extended, prospective follow-up of 2,458 U.S. patients who underwent bariatric surgery during 2005-2007 at 10 U.S. sites.

Disclosures: LABS-1 and LABS-2 were funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Dr. Stroud and Dr. Henrique had no disclosures.


Stroud AM et al. Obesity Week 2019, Abstract A107; Henrique J et al. Obesity Week 2019, Abstract A108.