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Chimerism and the use of fludarabine associated with secondary graft failure in aplastic anemia

Key clinical point: The use of fludarabine (Flu) may increase secondary graft failure for aplastic anemia with both recipient-type and donor-type chimerism.

Major finding: Inferior OS was observed in patients with mixed or complete recipient-type chimerism (1 year, 52.1%; 5 years, 52.1%) and those with complete donor chimerism (1 year, 82.4%; 5 years, 56.3%).

Study details: A registry database study in Japan of four groups of patients with AA age greater than 15 years who underwent a first allogeneic bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cell transplantation and achieved engraftment.

Disclosures: The Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development funded the research. Two of the authors reported receiving honoraria or research funding from Sanofi KK and one from Shionogi.