Breast Cancer Roundtable

Join Elizabeth Comen, MD, Sheryl Green, MBBCh, and Anya Romanoff, MD, as they discuss the interdisciplinary management of breast cancer. The faculty break down the discussion into three parts, each focusing on a specific type of breast cancer: hormone receptor-positive, HER2-positive, and triple-negative breast cancer.

Video 1: HR+ Breast Cancer

In this video, Drs. Comen, Green, and Romanoff discuss HR+ breast cancer in the primary and metastatic setting. Topics include surgical decisions such as mastectomy vs lumpectomy; patient misconceptions; coordination of care with radiation and medical oncology; and neoadjuvant therapy.

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Video 1: HR+ Breast Cancer
Video 2: HER2+ Breast Cancer
Video 3: Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

About the Panel

Elizabeth Comen, MD

  • Medical Oncologist
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Sheryl Green, MBBCh

  • Radiation Oncologist
  • Mount Sinai Hospital

Anya Romanoff, MD

  • Breast Surgical Oncologist
  • Mount Sinai Hospital

This video roundtable was produced by the specialized content division of Frontline Medical Communications. Drs. Comen and Green received a modest honorarium from Frontline Medical Communications for their participation in this roundtable.

The faculty was solely responsible for the content presented in the videos.


The faculty have no conflicts of interest to disclose