Crohn’s & Colitis Congress

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Study links CRP, FC monitoring, more remission

AUSTIN, TEX. – Inflammatory bowel disease patients monitored for C-reactive protein and fecal calprotectin had higher rates of remission than...

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IBD fertility has improved

Patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) who want to have children can benefit from better education about recent findings that disease...

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ERAS takes its place in IBD surgery

Enhanced recovery after surgery using parenteral nutrition has been linked with lower complication rates in...

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High stress linked to UC flare risk

AUSTIN, TEX. - Ulcerative colitis patients in remission with a high stress response are more prone to flares than are patients with a low stress...

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Many drugs in the pipeline for IBD treatment

Anti-integrins, anti-interleukins, Janus kinase inhibitors, and sphingosine-1–phosphate receptor 1 modulators are in the pipeline for both...