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MR Enterography Useful in Tracking Crohn’s Patients

Am J Gastroenterol; ePub 2017 Dec 19; Takenaka, et al

Magnetic resonance enterography is a valid and reliable way to monitor small bowel inflammation in patients with Crohn’s disease, according to a study that compared MR enterography to balloon-assisted enteroscopy. Among the findings:

  • The investigation evaluated 139 patients in remission from Crohn’s disease who had both MR enterography and balloon-assisted enteroscopy performed.
  • Researchers used a metric called the Simple Endoscopic Active Score for CD (SES-CDa) and the MR index of activity (MaRIA) to track patients’ progress.
  • 30 patients experienced clinical relapse and 62 patients experienced serological relapse over time.
  • A MaRIA score below 11 yielded high diagnostic accuracy for endoscopic healing.
  • The kappa coefficient between MR enterography and balloon-assisted enteroscopy for clinical relapse and serological relapse was strong (0.754 and 0.783).

Takenaka K, Ohtsuka K, Kitazume Y, et al. Utility of magnetic resonance enterography for small bowel endoscopic healing in patients with Crohn’s Disease. [Published online ahead of print December 19, 2017] Am J Gastroenterol. doi:10.1038/ajg.2017.464.

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