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Top AGA Community patient cases


Physicians with difficult patient scenarios regularly bring their questions to the AGA Community to seek advice from colleagues about therapy and disease management options, best practices, and diagnoses. In case you missed it, here are the most popular clinical discussions shared in the forum recently:

1. Severe ulcerative colitis # IBD – A 41-year-old female patient with ulcerative colitis had a flare that didn’t improve with adalimumab and prednisone, and was admitted to the hospital with bloody stools and abdominal pain. The GI community discussed considerations for next steps and other tests to consider.

2. Unexplained diarrhea – Following the eQ&A with an AGA guideline coauthor on chronic diarrhea, this popular case follows a celiac disease patient on a gluten-free diet who continues to have significant diarrhea and fatigue.

3. Difficult ERCP – How would you handle an ERCP where the papilla is small and in a tricky location? View photos from your colleague’s scope and share your advice with the GI community.

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