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By the time you receive this issue, we will know election results. The effects on medical care, medical coverage, Medicare, and Medicaid will be profound. American medicine is integrally linked to Congress and the Supreme Court because on July 30, 1965, Lyndon Johnson signed Title 18 of the Social Security Act and created Medicare – a move that took medical care out of personal law and into public law.

Dr. John I. Allen

Dr. John I. Allen

In November, CMS will publish its “final rule” about documentation and reimbursement changes, site of service reimbursement, and several other impactful policy changes. We have an extended article from the AGA Partners in Value conference about these potential changes.

This month we highlight the medical home concept for IBD – an idea that is gaining traction. More intense colon cancer screening may be needed for families with nonhereditary colon cancer. An interesting article from JAMA suggests that obesity may play a role in colon cancer rates in young women.

Antibiotic resistance in H. pylori infections is reaching alarming levels and this information may alter our practice. We feature an “In Focus” section on endosopic treatment for obese patients. We also continue highlighting some popular and interesting discussion chains emanating from the AGA Community.

Please stay involved as leaders in health care economics, delivery, and politics. We need thoughtful discussions and we need to bring patient stories to our politicians. It often seems that our advocacy does little to alter the national debate but who better to speak for the people that entrust us with their care?

John I. Allen, MD, MBA, AGAF
Editor in Chief

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