Letter from the Editor

Summer is over, more health care changes are afoot


CMS has released its proposed rule (see related articles and a commentary) and included changes as substantial as I have seen in the last two decades. Additionally, the Affordable Care Act has been under continued attack despite its majority support from our citizenry. Loss of the individual mandate, allowance of “skinny” health plans, a rewrite of association plan rules, elimination of cost-sharing reductions and premium support – all have contributed to a shifting away from socialized medical costs and toward a system of individual responsibility for health. Depending on one’s political philosophy (and income), that may be bad or good.

Dr. John I. Allen

Our article list this month will be interesting to many. The AGA produced a Clinical Practice Update about tumor seeding with endoscopic procedures. This should give us pause and make us reconsider our endoscopic practices. My wife (an endoscopy nurse in Minneapolis) has been asking for years whether pulling a PEG tube past an esophageal cancer might cause tumor seeding, and physicians have reassured her that there is no cause for worry. Turns out she was right (as usual). Deaths from liver disease in the U.S. have seen a dramatic increase since 1999, driven substantially by increasing alcohol use. Fecal transplants in irritable bowel syndrome? Possibly helpful, as reported in an article from Digestive Disease Week.®

As summer comes to an end, we head into a tumultuous fall that will be dominated by November elections.

John I. Allen, MD, MBA, AGAF
Editor in Chief

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