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Announcing the 2018 Section Research Mentor Award recipients


The AGA Institute Council Section Research Mentor Award acknowledges AGA members for their achievements as outstanding mentors in a specific area of research. We are pleased to announce the 2018 recipients who will be recognized by each of the 13 AGA Institute Council sections during Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) 2018. Congratulations to these exceptional mentors!

AGA Institute Council 2018 Section Research Mentor Award recipients

Basic & Clinical Intestinal Disorders

Gary D. Wu, MD

Cellular & Molecular Gastroenterology

Charalabos Pothoulakis, MD

Clinical Practice

Amnon Sonnenberg, MD, MSc

Esophageal, Gastric & Duodenal Disorders

Nicholas J. Shaheen, MD, MPH, AGAF

Gastrointestinal Oncology

Randall W. Burt, MD, AGAF

Growth, Development & Child Health

Deborah L. Gumucio, PhD

Imaging, Endoscopy & Advanced Technology

Michael B. Wallace, MD, MPH, AGAF

Immunology, Microbiology & Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Claudio Fiocchi, MD

Liver & Biliary

Scott L. Friedman, MD

Microbiome & Microbial Diseases in the Gastrointestinal Tract

Jeffrey I. Gordon, MD

Neurogastroenterology & Motility

Richard W. McCallum, MD, AGAF

Obesity, Metabolism & Nutrition

Lee M. Kaplan, MD, PhD, AGAF

Pancreatic Disorders

Suresh T. Chari, MD

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