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Ten negotiation tenets to follow


Who’s going to negotiate your contract: you or a professional? Lawyer Scott Roman – at a recent AGA Regional Practice Skills Workshop – explained that answering this question early on can help ensure you maximize your contract benefits. His advice for any negotiation is keep to the following in mind:

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare. Employers know when you’re winging it.
  • Gain leverage. The more offers you have, the more leverage.
  • Give yourself adequate time to negotiate.
  • Establish your objectives and anticipate objectives of the employer.
  • Determine the best case, worst case, and most likely scenario before you start negotiating.
  • Try to define nonnegotiable issues.
  • Try to get something each time you give something.
  • Don’t negotiate against yourself.
  • Keep cool and remember that these are people you may have to work with.
  • Be flexible.

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