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Dear Colleagues,

Congratulations to the new gastroenterology fellows who have just begun their fellowships and also to those who have just finished and are starting their careers. It is certainly an exciting time of year for so many! A letter from AGA President Sheila Crowe, included in this issue, details the benefits and opportunities our organization offers GIs entering practice and academia.

Bryson W. Katona, MD, PHD

In this issue’s feature article, Amit Patel (Duke University) and Prakash Gyawali (Washington University in St. Louis) provide a fantastic overview of ambulatory reflux testing. They outline the basics of the different methods of reflux testing, discuss whether testing should be done on or off PPI therapy, and provide useful tips for patient management.

This issue also contains an informative perspective about pursuing a career in medical education by Suzanne Rose (University of Connecticut), an incredibly passionate educator who has dedicated her career to this endeavor. Additionally, Katherine Garman (Duke University) and Latha Alaparthi (Gastroenterology Center of Connecticut/Yale University) provide a recap of this year’s AGA Women’s Leadership conference, which brought together a large group of early-career and experienced women from many different career pathways within the field of gastroenterology.

As student loans are an issue for many, Common Bond, the AGA’s official student loan partner, highlights an early-career gastroenterologist’s experience with student loans, as well as important factors in refinancing and paying off student loans. Finally, in the first of a two-part series on medical malpractice, an experienced group of attorneys from Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC (Philadelphia) provide a concise overview of the basics of malpractice as well as tips to help minimize your risk of being sued.

I hope that you enjoy this issue of The New Gastroenterologist. For those in the early-career group on the AGA Community (http://community.gastro.org/), these articles will be posted to the library to further enhance access. You can also find The New Gastroenterologist online and via the free app. If you have ideas for future issues or would be interested in contributing, please e-mail either me at bryson.katona@uphs.upenn.edu or Managing Editor Ryan Farrell at rfarrell@gastro.org.


Bryson W. Katona, MD, PhD

Editor in Chief

Dr. Bryson W. Katona is an instructor of medicine in the division of gastroenterology at the University of Pennsylvania.

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