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Combined and monotherapy options yield similar oncological outcomes for hormone naïve metastatic prostate cancer

Key clinical point: Oncological outcomes were similar for hormone naïve metastatic prostate cancer patients treated with either combined androgen blockade (CAB) therapy or luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone analog (LH-RHa) monotherapy.

Major finding: No significant differences appeared between the CAB and LH-RHa groups for 5-year overall survival (56.7% vs. 52.5) cancer-specific survival (61.1% vs. 56.4), and castrate-resistant prostate cancer-free survival (33.1% vs. 31.1%).

Study details: The data come from a retrospective study of 517 adults with hormone naïve metastatic prostate cancer; 447 received CAB and 70 received LH-RHa.

Disclosures: The study received no outside funding. Lead author Dr. Narita and several coauthors disclosed grants from Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.


Narita T et al. Transl Androl Urol. 2021 Jan. doi: 10.21037/tau-20-966.