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Estimates of HCV by Race and Sex in US

BMC Infect Dis; ePub 2018 May 16; Hall, et al

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection disparities by sex are typically consistent across the US; however, race differences in HCV infection differ by state, a recent study found. Researchers used 3 data sources to estimate HCV RNA prevalence in the US among noninstitutionalized adults stratified by sex and race group. They found:

  • Nationally, males had an estimated HCV RNA prevalence of 1.56% and females had a prevalence of 0.75%.
  • Stratified by race, national estimated prevalence of HCV RNA was highest among non-Hispanic black, followed by non-Hispanic white, and Hispanic/other.
  • Males in most jurisdictions had an HCV RNA prevalence that is between 1.5 and 2.5 times higher than females.


Hall EW, Rosenberg ES, Sullivan PS. Estimates of state-level chronic hepatitis C virus infection, stratified by race and sex, United States, 2010. [Published online ahead of print May 16, 2018]. BMC Infect Dis. doi:10.1186/s12879-018-3133-6.