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The Value of Ruxolitinib Before and After AlloSCT

Blood; ePub 2017 Dec 7; Poulose, Malysz, et al

Ruxolitinib treatment was well tolerated before and after allogeneic stem cell transplant (alloSCT) in a small retrospective analysis involving 15 individuals with myelofibrosis. Investigators looked at alloSCT outcomes in participants with myelofibrosis who—along with reduced intensity conditioning—received ruxolitinib before and after alloSCT (n=4), prior to alloSCT (n=7), or not at all (n=4). Among the results:

  • Ruxolitinib was administered an average 8.3 months before and 12.5 months post-alloSCT.
  • Average neutrophils engraft days for patients who received ruxolitinib before and after alloSCT was 13.3 days.
  • The averages for those who received ruxolitinib before alloSCT or did not receive it were 13.6 and 16 days, respectively.
  • Average spleen size reductions 6 months after alloSCT were 26%, 18%, and 18%, respectively.
  • All patients were reported alive and in complete remission.


Poulose J, Malysz J, Claxton D, et al. Impact of ruxolitinib in myelofibrosis allogeneic stem cell transplant outcome: A pilot study. [Published online ahead of print December 7, 2017]. Blood. 130 (Suppl 1), 5543.

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