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Anxiety and Depression in Patients with MPNs

Psychosomatics; 2017 Jan-Feb; McFarland, et al

Early childhood adversity (ECA) is linked with psychological distress, and meets screening criteria for anxiety and depression in patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms, according to a study involving 117 individuals.

Investigators used various scales to assess for ECA, distress, anxiety, and depression. Among the results:

  • Bivariate analysis showed that ECA was linked with depression, anxiety, and distress, as well as emotional, physical, family, and spiritual variables.
  • Multivariate analysis revealed ECA to be associated only with distress using the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale.
  • ECA subscale variables abuse and chaotic home environment were linked with psychological outcomes.
  • ECA was higher in patients with greater symptom burden, as well as those taking antidepressants.

The authors concluded that ECA may help explain patient trajectories, and improve patient-centered care.


McFarland D, Shen M, Polizzi H, et al. Psychological manifestations of early childhood adversity in the context of chronic hematologic malignancy. Psychosomatics. 2017;58(1):46-55. doi:10.1016/j.psym.2016.10.002.

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