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Summaries of Must-Read Clinical Literature, Guidelines, and FDA Actions

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Must reads for theWeek ending June 4, 2017

Cochrane Evaluates 2 Advanced Hodgkin Lymphoma Regimens, Cochrane; 2017 May 25; Skoetz, Will, Monsef, et al

Hypomethylating Agents in CMML Evaluated, Am J Hematol; ePub 2017 May 26; Alfonso, et al

Histologic Graft-Versus-Host Disease Grade Analyzed, Am J Hematol; ePub 2017 May 26; Narkhede, et al

Auto-HCT in Refractory Multiple Myeloma, Cancer; ePub 2017 May 17; Veltri, Milton, et al

Individualizing Infusion Interval of Factor VIII Products, Haemophilia; ePub 2017 May 24; Tegenge, et al

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Must reads for theWeek ending May 28, 2017

Practical Measures of Ruxolitinib’s Clinical Benefit, Clin Lymphoma Myeloma Leuk; ePub 2017 May 12; Miller, et al

Fewer Thromboembolic Events with Ruxolitinib?, Br J Haematol; ePub 2017 May 17; Harrison, et al

JAK Inhibitors’ Role in Symptom Relief Reviewed, Biol Blood Marrow Transplant; ePub 2017 May 9; Jain, et al

Ruxolitinib’s for MF and Potential in ET Reviewed, Blood; ePub 2017 May 12; Bose, Verstovsek

Cost of Antithrombin Therapy in Hematologic Malignancies, Leuk Lymphoma; ePub 2017 May 9; Barreto, et al

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Must reads for theWeek ending May 21, 2017

Importance of MRD Status in Adults and Children with ALL, JAMA Oncology; ePub 2017 May 11; Berry, Zhou, et al

Developing a Diagnostic Algorithm for HIT, J Thromb Haemost; ePub 2017 May 11, Husseinzadeh, et al

Genetic Differences and BC Survival in Blacks and Whites, JAMA Oncology; ePub 2017 May 4; Huo, Hu, et al

Keytruda + Pem/Carbo Approved for Lung Cancer, Merck news release; 2017 May 10

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Must reads for theWeek ending May 14, 2017

Adding Ruxolitinib to Certain Patients with T-ALL, Leukemia; ePub 2017 May 9; Delgado-Martin, et al

Which Liver Function Test Has Prognostic Relevance? , Blood Cancer J; ePub 2017 Apr 21; Barraco, et al

Grouping Patients with PV by Cytogenic Abnormalities, Haematologica; ePub 2017 May 24; Tang, et al

Risk Categories for Patients with Atypical CML Evaluated, Am J Hematol; 2017 Jun; Patnaik, Barraco, et al

Ruxolitinib’s Impact on JAK2 Allele Burden in PV, Ann Hematol; ePub 2017 Apr 30; Vannucchi, et al

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Must reads for theWeek ending May 7, 2017

Updated Guideline on Adjuvant Therapy for Resected NSCLC, J Clin Oncol; ePub 2017 Apr 24; Kris, et al

Alunbrig Approved for ALK+ Metastatic NSCLC , Takeda news release; 2017 Apr 28

FDA Approves Imfinzi for Urothelial Carcinoma, FDA news release; 2017 April 27

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