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Open Clinical Trials for Patients With Lung Cancers


Providing access to clinical trials for veteran and active-duty military patients can be a challenge, but a significant number of trials are now recruiting patients from those patient populations. Many trials explicitly recruit patients from the VA, the military, and IHS. The VA Office of Research and Development alone sponsors or cosponsors nearly 1,000 research initiatives, and many more are sponsored by Walter Reed National Medical Center and other major defense and VA facilities. The clinical trials listed below are all open as of August 1, 201 8 ; have at least 1 VA, DoD, or IHS location recruiting patients; and are focused on treatment for colorectal cancer. For additional information and full inclusion/exclusion criteria, please consult

Lung-MAP (multiple trials)

Lung-MAP (SWOG S1400) is a multidrug, multi-substudy, biomarker-driven squamous cell lung cancer clinical trial that uses state-of-the-art genomic profiling to match patients to substudies testing investigational treatments that may target the genomic alterations, or mutations, found to be driving the growth of their cancer.

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