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Gene Assays Reveal Some Unknown Primary Cancers as RCC

Gene expression profiling and/or immunohistochemistry can identify occult renal cell carcinoma (RCC) in a subset of patients diagnosed with carcinoma of unknown primary (CUP), suggesting that these patients could benefit from RCC-specific targeted therapy or immunotherapy, investigators contend.

Of 539 with CUP patients presenting at a single center, a 92-gene reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction molecular cancer classifier assay (MCCA) performed on biopsy specimens identified 24 as having RCC. All patients had clinical characteristics typical of advanced RCC, but none had suspicious renal lesions on computed tomography scans, reported F. Anthony Greco, MD, and John D. Hainsworth, MD, of the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center and Research Institute in Nashville, Tennessee in Clinical Genitourinary Cancer . “Although further experience is necessary, these patients responded to RCC-specific therapy in a manner consistent with advanced RCC. These patients are unlikely to benefit from treatment with empiric chemotherapy. The reliable identification of RCC patients within the heterogeneous CUP population is possible using MCCA, and has potentially important therapeutic implications,” they wrote.

Neil Osterweil, Oncology Practice

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