The Pharmacist’s Role in Medication Optimization for Patients With Chronic Heart Failure

A pharmacy medication titration clinic helped patients with chronic heart failure successfully reach target doses.


In the U.S., about 5.1 million people have clinically manifested heart failure (HF).1 The absolute mortality rate for HF is about 50% within 5 years of diagnosis, and 1 in 9 death certificates in the U.S. list HF as a cause of death.2 Heart failure is the primary diagnosis in more than 1 million hospitalizations annually.1 Patients with HF who are at risk for all-cause rehospitalization have a 1-month readmission rate of 25%, and their median survival time decreases with each hospitalization.3,4 Heart failure is the top reason for discharge of veterans treated within the VA health care system.5

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