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Herbert L. Muncie Jr., MD, Professor of Family Medicine in the Department of Family Medicine, LSU Health, New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. Muncie is also a faculty member of the National Family Medicine Board Review course.

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A 28-year-old primigravida comes in for an initial prenatal examination at 7 weeks’ estimated gestational age (EGA). During your evaluation of her, you learn she has no health problems and has never smoked cigarettes or used illicit drugs.

She refrained from alcohol for 4 months before becoming pregnant and does not drink alcohol now. She used a hot tub 3 times a week for relaxation before becoming pregnant.

What change in her lifestyle should she plan to implement during this pregnancy?

After 24 weeks’ EGA she should not fly in an airplane.

After 38 weeks’ EGA she should refrain from sexual intercourse until after delivery.

She should start exercising 30 minutes daily through delivery.

She may continue to use her hot tub during the first and second trimester, but should stop using the hot tub in her third trimester.

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