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Vaccination rates generally high in U.S. children in 2018

Key clinical point: U.S. kindergartners and 24-month-old children remained vaccinated at a generally high rate in 2018.

Major finding: Among U.S. kindergartners in 2018-2019, 94.7% were vaccinated for MMR, 94.9% were vaccinated for DTaP, and 94.8% were vaccinated for varicella. In children aged 24 months, at least 90% were vaccinated for poliovirus, MMR, hepatitis B, and varicella.

Data source: For the first study, reports from the almost 4 million U.S. kindergartners enrolled in the 2018-2019 school year; for the second study, there were 25,059 respondents to the National Immunization Survey–Child.

Disclosures: No conflicts of interest were reported by the investigators of either study.