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Palliative Care for IPF Patients

Key clinical point: A precipitous decline in quality of life and increase in symptom burden begins 2 years before death.

Major finding: Symptom scores for 6 months before death were dyspnea, 7.1 (standard deviation 2.8); tiredness, 6.0 (SD 2.5), cough, 5.0 (SD 3.5), pain with movement, 3.9 (SD 3.1), insomnia, 3.9 (SD 2.9), anxiety, 3.9 (SD 2.9), and depression, 3.6 (SD 3.1).

Study details: A survey study of a subgroup of 300 patients from the FinnishIPF study.

Disclosures: The Academy of Finland and various Finnish nonprofit organizations funded the study.


Rajala K et al. BMC Pulm Med (2018) 18:172. doi: 0.1186/s12890-018-0738-x.