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Deferiprone noninferior to deferoxamine for iron overload in SCD, rare anemias

Key clinical point: The oral iron chelator deferiprone is noninferior to deferoxamine for treating iron overload in patients with sickle cell disease and other rare anemias.

Major finding: Least squares mean change from baseline in liver iron concentration was –4.04 vs. –4.45 mg/g dw with deferiprone vs. deferoxamine.

Study details: A randomized, open-label study of 152 patients.

Disclosures: Dr. Kwiatkowski reported research funding from Terumo, bluebird bio, Novartis, and Apopharma, and consultancy for Imara, bluebird bio, Agios, and Celgene.


Kwiatkowski J et al. ASH 2019, Abstract 618.