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Black women at highest risk for asthma



Women are much more likely than men to have asthma, and asthma rates among black women are higher than for other races/ethnicities, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Percentage of adults with asthma, 2017-2018

Among all women aged 18 years and older, 9.7% reported that they currently had asthma in 2017-2018, compared with 5.5% of men, based on age-adjusted data from the National Health Interview Survey.

The proportion of black, non-Hispanic women with asthma, however, was even higher, at 11.4%. White non-Hispanic women were next at 10.3%, followed by Hispanic (7.8%) and Asian (5.0%) women, the CDC reported June 26 in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

The same pattern held for men: 6.2% of black men had asthma in 2017-2018, compared with 5.9% of whites, 3.9% of Hispanics, and 3.3% of Asian men, the CDC said.

SOURCE: MMWR. 2020 Jun 26;69(25):805.

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