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Pancreas Volume is Decreased After T1D Onset

Diabetes Care; ePub 2018 Dec 14; Virostko, et al

Pancreas volume is decreased in stages 1, 2, and 3 of type 1 diabetes (T1D) and decreases during the first year after diabetes onset, according to a recent study, and this loss of pancreatic volume is accompanied by microstructural changes. MRI was performed in individuals with recent-onset stage 3 T1D (n=51; median age 13 years) within 100 days after diagnosis (mean 67 days), 6 months, and 1 year post-diagnosis. Longitudinal MRI measurements were also made in similarly aged control participants (n=57) and in autoantibody-positive individuals without diabetes (n=20). Researchers found:

  • Within 100 days of diabetes onset, individuals with T1D had a smaller pancreas (median volume 28.6 mL) than control participants (median volume 48.4 mL), including when normalized by individual weight.
  • Longitudinal measurements of pancreas volume increased in control participants over the year, consistent with adolescent growth, but pancreas volume declined over the first year after T1D diagnosis.
  • In multiple autoantibody-positive individuals, the pancreas volume was significantly larger than the cohort with T1D, but smaller than the control cohort.

Virostko J, Williams J, Hilmes M, et al. Pancreas volume declines during the first year after diagnosis of type 1 diabetes and exhibits altered diffusion at disease onset. [Published online ahead of print December 14, 2018]. Diabetes Care. doi:10.2337/dc18-1507.