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Reward, decision-making brain regions altered in teens with obesity

Key clinical point: Adolescents with obesity show brain changes consistent with degradation of circuitry controlling appetite, reward, and decision making, according to a Brazilian study that used MRI to detect these changes.

Major finding: Brain changes in obese teens were significantly correlated with increased levels of insulin, leptin, and other appetite- and diet-related hormones and neurohormones, as well as with inflammatory markers; these changes were distinct compared with brains of healthy weight adolescents.

Study details: A study of 60 normal weight adolescents and 57 with obesity who underwent MRI scans, as well as an examination of 57 serum analytes.

Disclosures: Ms. Bertolazzi reported no conflicts of interest and no outside sources of funding.


Bertolazzi P et al. RSNA 2019.