Mar 2012
Vol. 44
No. 3

Clinical Review

  • Clinical Review

    Emergent Management of Delirium in Cancer Patients

    Patients with advanced cancer are increasingly seen in the ED, and delirium is not uncommon in this population. This article provides a helpful...

  • Clinical Review

    An Inappropriate Snack

    A woman develops extreme gastrointestinal distress 6 hours after eating “seeds” from a plant outside her home. What are the seeds, and how should...


  • Commentary

    Safety Net or Trampoline?

    How will the states’ challenge to the federal government’s prudent layperson definition of an emergency affect ED care?

Law & Medicine

  • Law & Medicine

    A Suicidal Patient

    This month’s cases include an intoxicated suicidal patient and a man with a ruptured appendix.

Case Reports

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