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Understanding Scope of Cutaneous Pain in Psoriasis

J Dermatolog Treat; ePub 2018 Sep 26; Pithadia, et al

Cutaneous pain—a very broad, subjective, and complex symptom—is prevalent in patients with psoriasis and is prompted by neurogenic inflammation and augmented by physical and psychosocial stress, according to a recent review.

Although many psoriasis patients are troubled by aching, burning, stinging, tenderness, cramping, and tingling in their skin, there lacks a thorough and verified metric that allows patients to adequately report their unique skin pain experiences. Limited literature exists that aims to understand cutaneous pain in psoriasis patients, with most studies focusing on joint pain and generalized pain, and many do not specify location of pain. This review explores and analyzes current literature on the etiology, assessment, burden, and management of skin pain in psoriasis patients. It emphasizes the significance of appropriately quantifying the skin pain experience in psoriasis and developing therapeutics that target the underlying processes that contribute to noxious skin sensations.


Pithadia DJ, Reynolds KA, Lee EB, Wu JJ. Psoriasis-associated cutaneous pain: Etiology, assessment, impact, and management. [Published online ahead of print September 26, 2018]. J Dermatolog Treat. doi:10.1080/09546634.2018.1528330.

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