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Prevalence of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancers High in VHA

Dermatol Surg; ePub 2016 Jul 25; Yoon, Phibbs, et al

There is high prevalence of keratinocyte carcinoma (KC) and actinic keratosis (AK), and considerable spending to treat these conditions, in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), a recent study found. Researchers conducted a cross-sectional analysis of veterans diagnosed with KC or AK during fiscal year 2012, using administrative data on outpatient encounters and prescription drugs provided by or paid for by the VHA. They found:

• In 2012, there were 49,229 veterans with basal cell carcinoma, 26,310 veterans with squamous cell carcinoma, and 8,050 veterans with unspecified invasive KC.

• There were also 197,041 veterans with AK and 6,388 veterans with KC-related diagnoses.

• The VHA spent $356 million on KC and AK outpatient treatment for procedures, prescription drugs, and other dermatologic care during fiscal year 2012.

Citation: Yoon J, Phibbs CS, Chow A, Pomerantz H, Weinstock MA. Costs of keratinocyte carcinoma (nonmelanoma skin cancer) and actinic keratosis treatment in the Veterans Health Administration. [Published online ahead of print July 25, 2016]. Dermatol Surg. doi:10.1097/DSS.0000000000000820.

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