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Dermoscopy Can Evaluate Inflammatory Dermatoses

J Clin Aesthet Dermatol; 2018 Apr 1; Cook, Hanna, et al

Dermoscopy is well established as a tool to improve the detection of cancerous skin growths and published data suggest that dermoscopy might be useful in evaluating inflammatory dermatoses and in distinguishing between rashes and skin cancer. Using a systematic approach, researchers performed a recent literature search using the names of 146 inflammatory dermatoses and pairing each one separately with the search terms “dermoscopy,” “dermatoscopy,” and “epiluminescence microscopy.” They found:

  • After eliminating those papers that did not meet inclusion requirements, the authors identified 201 studies for their review, with the majority consisting of case reports.
  • The most commonly studied inflammatory conditions were psoriasis, lupus, and lichen planus.
  • There was congruence among the studies identified in terms of the most common dermoscopic findings for each of these diseases.

Cook LC, Hanna C, Foulke GT, Seiverling EV. Dermoscopy in the diagnosis of inflammatory dermatoses: Systematic review findings reported for psoriasis, lupus, and lichen planus. J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2018;11(4):41–42.

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