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Resistance Exercise & Hypercholesterolemia in Men

Mayo Clin Proc; ePub 2018 Feb 8; Bakker, et al

When compared with no resistance exercise, <1 hour/week of resistance exercise, independent of aerobic exercise, is associated with a significantly lower risk of development of hypercholesterolemia in men, a recent study found. The study used data from the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study and included 7,317 men aged 18 to 83 years (mean age, 46 years) without hypercholesterolemia at baseline. Researchers found:

  • During a median follow-up of 4 (2 to 7) years, hypercholesterolemia developed in 1,430 of 7,317 men (20%).
  • Those meeting the resistance exercise guidelines (≥2 days/week) had a 13% lower risk of development of hypercholesterolemia (HR, 0.87) after adjustment.
  • Additionally, <1 hour/week and 2 sessions per week of resistance exercise were associated with 32% and 31% lower risk of hypercholesterolemia (HR, 0.68 and 0.69), respectively, compared with no resistance exercise.
  • Higher levels of resistance exercise did no provide benefits.


Bakker EA, Lee D, Sui X, et al. Association of resistance exercise with the incidence of hypercholesterolemia in men. [Published online ahead of print February 8, 2018]. Mayo Clin Proc. doi:10.1016/j.mayocp.2017.11.024.

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