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Dermatology News, the independent news publication for the dermatology community. Since 1970, Dermatology News has been the leading source of news and commentary about clinical developments in dermatology as well as health care policy and regulations that affect the physician’s practice. Dermatology News Digital Network is owned by Frontline Medical Communications.

Our Mission
Dermatology News Digital Network provides medical specialty news coverage tailored to the needs and interests of practicing dermatologists. Our staff of medical journalists strives to provide news that is fair, balanced and accurate. We adhere to policies of fact verification and disclosures of interest by sources quoted in our articles. We encourage a lively forum of perspectives and opinions from our online communities. We seek to inform, engage, educate, and entertain in an environment of transparency and full disclosure. To accomplish these goals, we rely on our editorial advisory board, our staff and our most important partners, our readers.

Our Business
Dermatology News Digital Network is commercially supported by advertising and sponsorships. Online access to most of our content is free. Most premium content is available free to registered users. The sources of our content are clearly identified. Dermatology News Digital Network strives to provide content that is accurate, objective, and fair. Our news is not influenced in any way by commercial sponsors or content contributors. Dermatology News Digital Network invites strategic alliances and partnerships with others who share its high standards and seek to serve and enhance the dermatology community. We also welcome reciprocal linking arrangements with reputable dermatology information and research websites.For more information regarding content integration and partnership opportunities, please contact Alan Imhoff at

About Frontline Medical Communications
Frontline Medical Communications is a leader in multimedia marketing services encompassing 29 publications, in 17 distinct market segments, reaching over one million physicians and HCPs through our proprietary e-database, 125 eNewsletters, 14 live events and 35 active Web sites. Daily newswire services providing the latest medical news is generated from on-site reporting from more than 450 medical meetings.

Last updated March 12, 2015