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Bacteria seen as potential lupus triggers

“These data suggest that Ro60 orthologs from human commensal bacteria may initiate and drive lupus pathogenesis,” researchers said.

Make the Diagnosis

Make The Diagnosis - April 2018

A healthy 70-year-old white male presented with an 8-day history of fatigue and a tingling, erythematous plaque with crusting on the left flank....

Make the Diagnosis

Make the Diagnosis - March 2018

A 39-year-old has itchy, painful lesions in the bilateral axillae and groin, which have come and gone for 15 years and flare when she perspires....

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VIDEO: Cannabinoids in dermatology

SAN DIEGO – “Our skin is chock full of cannabinoids; chock full of expression of cannabinoid receptors.”

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VIDEO: The return of Kaposi’s sarcoma

SAN DIEGO – Once again, dermatologists are seeing more cases of Kaposi’s sarcoma in HIV-positive patients, according to Toby Maurer, MD.