Jun 2019
Vol. 103
No. 06

Case Letter

Contact Dermatitis

Military Dermatology

Case Reports


Practical Pearls

Photo Challenge

  • Photo Challenge

    Painless Nodule on the Leg

    A 44-year-old man presented with numbness and a burning sensation of the left lateral leg and dorsal foot of 3 days' duration as well as a left...

  • Photo Challenge

    Recurrent Pruritic Multifocal Erythematous Rash

    A 60-year-old man with a history of hyperlipidemia developed acute onset of an intensely pruritic and painful burning rash on the dorsal aspect of...

  • Photo Challenge

    Rapidly Enlarging Neoplasm on the Face

    An 88-year-old woman presented for evaluation of an asymptomatic facial lesion that she first noticed 3 months prior, with rapid growth over the...

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