May 2019
Vol. 103
No. 05


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Case Reports

Dermpath Diagnosis

  • Dermpath Diagnosis

    Enlarging Nodule on the Thigh

    A 68-year-old patient presented with an enlarging flesh-colored nodule on the thigh that was positive for cytokeratin 20 and negative for...

Case Letter

Photo Challenge

  • Photo Challenge

    Cystic Scalp Lesion

    A frail 85-year-old man presented to the emergency department for treatment of an erythematous tender nodule on the scalp. The area was...

  • Photo Challenge

    Violaceous Nodules on the Hard Palate

    A 30-year-old man presented to our outpatient clinic with rapidly growing, ulcerated, violaceous lesions on the hard palate of 4 months' duration...

  • Photo Challenge

    Linear Vulvar Lesions

    A 30-year-old woman with congenital absence of the uterus presented to dermatology for a second opinion of vulvar lesions that were first noted...

Practical Pearls

  • Practical Pearls

    "Doctor, Do I Need a Skin Check?"

    Total-body skin examination is the bedrock on which most general dermatologists’ clinic days are built. Dr. Lorraine Rosamilia provides practical...

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