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Psoriasis Associated with Sexual Dysfunction

JAMA Dermatol; ePub 2018 Oct 10; Molina-Leyva, et al

Patients with psoriasis have physical and psychological comorbidities that have been associated with a higher risk of sexual dysfunction (SD), according to a recent systematic review. In addition, psoriasis may play a role in its development. Therefore, the presence of anxiety, depression, psoriatic arthritis, genital lesions, and increasing age should raise the awareness of SD. Search terms were “psoriasis” and “sexual” or “sexual dysfunction.” Investigators found:

  • 28 studies representing 52,520 cases of psoriasis and 1,806,022 controls were included for review.
  • Prevalence of SD and erectile dysfunction (ED) ranged from 40.0% to 55.6% and 34.2% to 81.1%, respectively.
  • 2 of 2 studies observed an association between psoriasis and SD after adjusting for physical and psychological comorbidities.
  • 5 of 8 studies observed an independent association between ED and psoriasis.
  • Among patients with psoriasis, the features that showed the strongest association with SD were anxiety and depression, psoriatic arthritis, and genital psoriasis.
  • Regarding ED, anxiety and depression and increasing age showed the strongest association.

Molina-Leyva A, Salvador-Rodriguez L, Martinez-Lopez A, Ruiz-Carrascosa JC, Arias-Santiago S. Association between psoriasis and sexual and erectile dysfunction in epidemiologic studies. A systematic review. [Published online ahead of print October 10, 2018]. JAMA Dermatol. doi:10.1001/jamadermatol.2018.3442.