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Value of Urgent Care Dermatology Examined

Int J Dermatol; ePub 2018 Aug 28; Sempler, et al

Urgent care dermatology clinics add value to the healthcare system by providing quality care and excellent service at low cost, a recent study found. Furthermore, it enables dermatologists to better utilize their skills by seeing acute, often‐serious, patients who would have otherwise been seen in the emergency department (ED). A retrospective cross‐sectional chart review of dermatologic patients in 3 service settings was compared: an urgent care dermatology clinic (same day dermatology [SDD]), the ED, and a general dermatology clinic. Study period was from July 1–September 30, 2014, for ED and SDD patients and August 2014 for general dermatology patients. ED patients had diagnoses of dermatitis or rash. Researchers found:

  • For matched diagnoses, ED visits were 105 minutes longer than SDD visits.
  • Compared to SDD, no‐shows in the general dermatology clinic were 2.24 times more likely.
  • The odds for an SDD patient to be diagnosed with a code that was also seen in the ED was 13.0 times higher than the odds for the same diagnosis to be given to patients seen in the general dermatology clinic.
  • ED visits cost 25% >SDD visits.


Sempler J, Thomas F, Petit J, Klein SZ. The value of urgent care dermatology. [Published online ahead of print August 28, 2018]. Int J Dermatol. doi:10.1111/ijd.14186.