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Incidence of Skin Diseases by Age Group Examined

Int J Dermatol; 2018 Sep; Wessman, et al

Understanding the effects of age on the epidemiology of diseases primarily affecting the skin is important to the practice of dermatology, both for proper allocation of resources and for optimal patient‐centered care, according to a recent investigation. In order to fully appreciate the effect that age may have on the population‐based calculations of incidence of diseases primarily affecting the skin in Olmsted County, MN, and worldwide, researchers performed a review of all relevant Rochester Epidemiology Project–published data and compared them to similar reports worldwide. They found:

  • In older persons (>65 years), nonmelanoma skin cancer, lentigo maligna, herpes zoster, delusional infestation, venous stasis syndrome, venous ulcer, and burning mouth syndrome were more commonly diagnosed.
  • In those aged <65 years, atypical nevi, psoriatic arthritis, pityriasis rosea, herpes progenitalis, genital warts, alopecia areata, hidradenitis suppurativa, infantile hemangioma, Behçet's disease, and sarcoidosis had a higher incidence.
  • Many of the incidence rates by age group of diseases primarily affecting the skin derived from the Rochester Epidemiology Project were similar to those reported elsewhere.

Wessman LL, Andersen LK, Davis MDP. Incidence of diseases primarily affecting the skin by age group: Population‐based epidemiologic study in Olmsted County, Minnesota, and comparison with age‐specific incidence rates worldwide. Int J Dermatol. 2018;57(9):1021-1034. doi:10.1111/ijd.13904.

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