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Vitamin D Linked with Eczema in Non-Hispanic Whites

Allergy; ePub 2018 Dec 27; Wei, Jaleel, et al

Vitamin D is associated with reports of eczema in the non‐Hispanic white population, but not in the non‐Hispanic black population in the US, according to a recent study. Researchers used the cross‐sectional data from US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2005‐2006. Adults were defined as aged ≥20 years; 3,921 adults were included in the analysis. The association between eczema and serum 25‐hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] was estimated using multivariate logistic regression models adjusted for patient demographics, lifestyle variables, stress, and medical comorbidities. They found:

  • The prevalence of ever‐report of eczema was 7.94% in US adults.
  • Eczema was more prevalent in people with higher socioeconomic status, depressive symptoms, previous history of asthma and hay fever, who were female, who were sampled in summer, and in non‐Hispanic whites.
  • The logistic regression found higher odds ratio of eczema in vitamin D deficiency group (<50 nmol/L) compared to sufficiency group (>75 nmol/L).
  • The spline analysis found an inverted U‐shaped relationship between eczema and serum 25(OH)D level.
  • This relationship was absent in the non‐Hispanic black population.


Wei J, Jaleel T, MacLeod AS, Li JS. Inverted U‐shaped relationship between vitamin D and ever‐reported eczema in US adults. [Published online ahead of print December 27, 2018]. Allergy. doi:10.1111/all.13708.