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Prophylactic Antibiotics and Post-Mohs Infection

Dermatolog Surg; ePub 2018 Aug 24; Levin, et al

Although there was no significant difference in surgical site infection (SSI) among patients prescribed prophylactic antibiotics following Mohs surgery, statistical precision was limited by the low incidence of infection, a recent study found. Data were drawn from a pilot quality improvement registry of 816 Mohs cases. The relationship between antibiotic prophylaxis and SSI was assessed with logistic regression modeling using propensity score methods to adjust for confounding. They found:

  • 151 cases were prescribed antibiotic prophylaxis (18.5%).
  • Of 467 cases with follow-up, 16 (3.4%) developed SSI.
  • Infection rates were higher in subjects prescribed prophylaxis, but propensity adjustment reduced this effect.
  • Adjusted odds of infection were 1.47-fold higher in subjects prescribed antibiotics and not statistically significant.

Levin EC, Chow C, Makhzoumi Z, Jim C, Shiboski SC, Arron ST. Association of postoperative antibiotics with surgical site infection in Mohs micrographic surgery. [Published online ahead of print August 24, 2018]. Dermatolog Surg. doi:10.1097/DSS.0000000000001645.

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